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Be Wary Of Wrap Scams

By February 2, 2014 News No Comments


Lately, car wrap scams have been doing the rounds to the point that people are becoming distrustful of car wrap companies in general. The thing is that it’s very easy to be fooled. But then again, once you know how these crooks operate, these criminals won’t lure you into their car wrap trap.

What’s the deal?

A lot of big companies use car wrap advertising in order to get more exposure. These companies go to regular folks like you and me and ask whether or not it’s okay to use your vehicle as advertising space. It’s simple, really. All you have to do is surrender your car to a car wrap company, get your car back in a few days (or even hours!), and then receive money for every month that goes by. When the contract expires, you get your old vehicle back without any traces of glue or decals. This is a great way to passively earn money for a few months, but it seems that some crooks are also cashing in on this trend.

How do they operate?

Some people have reported to receiving emails from a supposedly legitimate company that offers to pay money after you accept to wrap your car. Some people see car wrap offers on craigslist and other similar websites as well.

Tips to avoid being tricked into car wrap scams

The crooks involved with car wrap scams know how to persuade through email. You’ll be the receiver of a legitimate-looking email without a hint of wrong grammar or even the presence of fishy links. The best way to spot a scammer is to look at the body of the email. Is there any mention of your having to shell out money? If the answer is yes, then chances are high that this is fraudulent email. Real companies who want to use your vehicle as advertising space wouldn’t ask for a single dollar. What’s more, if you see that they’re asking you to wire money through Western Union or other similar methods wherein you won’t be able to verify the recipient’s identity, then raise your suspicion levels to VERY HIGH. It’s a favorite method of cashing out by crooks and criminals worldwide, so if there’s any mention of Western Union or similar methods of transaction wherein YOU have to give money, don’t fall for it! There’s a high chance that you’re never going to get that car wrap or that monthly check either.

Car wrap scammers usually use a certain energy drink company but other beverage companies (the very popular ones on top of the beverage food chain) are being used as well. Lastly, if there is a mention of a freelance car wrap installer wherein no car wraps company is involved, there’s also a huge chance that you’re not being offered the real deal. However, if your judgment is telling you that the offer is legit and there’s even mention of a car wrap company (for example, Arete Digital Imaging), you can always contact the company to check if the offer is real. If it is, then enjoy that passive income AND your high quality decals!

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